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Six digital car radios with build-in CD players

Classic Car Audio and Decodes

In Portsmouth with The Radio Shop

What is Radio Decoding?

We all know the journey with a classic car radio goes beyond the road—it's about preserving memories and reviving the tunes of the past. Our decoding services play a crucial role in ensuring that your car radio works exactly as it should.

Radio decoding involves the removal of security codes from your classic car radio, allowing it to be used in different vehicles. This service is particularly relevant if you've purchased a second-hand radio, as many models come with security features that tie them to a specific car. Our expertise lies in unlocking these radios, providing you with the flexibility to enjoy your cherished audio equipment in any compatible vehicle.

Car radio
Boxed Sony car radio
Why Decoding Matters:
  • Versatility: Decoding allows you to use your classic car radio in various cars, enhancing its usability.

  • Second-Hand Purchases: If you've acquired a second-hand radio, decoding ensures it becomes a seamless part of your car's audio system.


Flat Car Battery?

In the unfortunate event of a flat car battery, your car radio may need decoding before it can be used again. This is a common occurrence due to security measures that may be triggered when power is lost.

Our decoding services are conducted with precision and care, ensuring that your classic car radio not only retains its authenticity but also becomes a versatile companion on your motoring adventures.


Whether you're restoring a vintage vehicle or enhancing the audio experience in your current car, trust us to unlock the melody of your classic car radio. Call or visit us today to see how we can help.

Portsmouth's experts in classic car audio and decodes.

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