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Vintage Radios on shelves

Modern and Vintage Radio Repairs and Sales

The Radio Shop

Your local, friendly experts in vintage audio sales and repairs in Portsmouth

Audiophiles who have sought out The Radio Shop

About The Radio Shop

Discover the timeless expertise of engineer Chris Simmonds, a certified radio and TV servicing specialist with decades of experience refurbishing cherished electronics. As a dedicated one-man shop, Chris brings a personal touch to every repair and refurbishment, ensuring the preservation of vintage and modern audio equipment.

Established in 2011, The Radio Shop is a haven for audio enthusiasts seeking expert repairs and a curated collection of vintage treasures. With a passion for preserving the rich tones of the past, we specialise in servicing and refurbishing a range of equipment, from vintage valve radios to car radios and modern sound systems.

Brands We Work With
Shelved radios inside the shop

What We Can Repair?

Whether it's something that's been in the family for years, or is a recent purchase, we welcome many different items at The Radio Shop. We specialise in repairs for:

  • Record Players

  • Turntables

  • Amplifiers

  • Cassette Decks

  • CD Players

  • Vintage Valve Radios

  • Tuners

  • Music Centres

  • Speakers

  • Radiograms

  • Car Audio

If your item doesn't quite fit into this list, give us a call and we can see if it's covered by our expertise.

Get in touch for modern or vintage radio repairs. We're here to help:

 07776 437253

Our Customer Reviews

So helpful. Not many people with this experience. Thanks for your help today.

Peter V.

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